www.routerlogin.net is the web address to open the web interface for the NetGear routers. You can connect your device to the router's wifi network and then go to www.routerlogin.net to open the settings and management page for the router. Netgear Genie will guide through the setup process to configure the router for internet access.


Netgear genie will give you choice to configure the router manually or with Netgear genie's help.

Netgear genie will guide to step by step to detect the internet connection type and choose your wireless SSID and password.

Netgear genie
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will also update the router's firmware during the setup process automatically.

Netgear genie setup will let you install a couple of apps like Netgear Genie and Ready Share onto your computer or phone.

Netgear Genie will also guide you to set up the administrator password and lets you choose a couple of security questions for the password recovery in case you forget it.

After the successful configuration of the router, it will take you to the product registration page where you can register your device with Netgear.

After the setup is complete, you can connect your wireless devices with your router's wifi with the network password to access the internet.

You can log in to your router's management page again using the same website i.e. www.routerlogin.net and it will show you the live status of your router.

You can use advanced features of your router from this management page and make any changes as you like.

If you need to change the wireless password or channel settings on your router you can use this web interface to do that.
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